Gary Robinson Communications is on a mission to continually develop (and in some cases improve) the internal and external communication skills of individuals and teams in every business and organisation we work with. Every course is bespoke to your needs and we start to engage with you and your staff long before we enter the room!


We now offer end-to-end turn key solutions for both private and state schools, matching sponsors who wish to fund the delivery of our courses to enable young people to discover those essential communication and presentation skills that are crucial to their personal and professional development.

Training programmes offered

Presenting for Professionals

Building and designing presentations, building confidence in presentation delivery, fresh thinking on presentation delivery, review and rehearsal of presentations before the big pitch, professional and personal development.

Communication and Coaching Skills for Executives, New Managers, Team Members and Individuals

How to motivate and develop teams and individuals, from peer to manager development, manager as coach, manager versus leader, having challenging conversations, self-awareness and awareness of others.

Media Training

Interview techniques on and off camera, how to get a story out there, crisis response, no such thing as ‘off the record’, professional personal awareness, identifying and creating PR opportunities.

Developing Strategic Marketing

Building your mission and vision, understanding your competitive advantage and set, creative executions, social media strategies, the marketing mix, push and pull promotional policies and brand personality, values and attributes.

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