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“A Day to stretch creativity, build confidence and take people out of their comfort zones. Businesses and organisations will be able to identify ‘team understanding’ of Goals and Vision, as teams respond and contribute positively.”


This unique course is delivered in a state-of-the art recording studio and is an ideal opportunity for business leaders to find out if their employees really understand the brand along with the aims and mission of the organisation. It’s a highly creative, interactive and fun day where every member of the group has a role to play. This course is designed to be a springboard for discussion in order to facilitate other courses or to be used as a different approach to team building.

Who Is This Course Designed For?


Learning Outcomes and Skills Development

Understanding of the creative process

Effective and creative script writing

Improved understanding of your strengths in the team

Microphone techniques

Increased understanding of my business

The difference between business and brand

Understanding why everyone in the team has a role in marketing

Understanding aims and mission of the business