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Presenting for Professionals

This course is ideal for teams and individuals who are required to build and design presentations, it will build confidence in presentation delivery, provide fresh thinking on presentation delivery, allow you to review and rehearse presentations before the big pitch, build on your professional and personal development, teach you how to control nerves, give you the skills you need to impress the board, and why you should never ‘wing-it’.


Who Is This Course Designed For?



Sales Personnel


Influencers and Persuaders

Individuals seeking promotion

Anyone who has to pitch for business

Individual tuition available

Learning Outcomes and Skills Development

Increased confidence

How to read the audience

Design and delivery of presentations to maximum effect

Pace of delivery and use of voice

Improved persuasion skills

What your body-language says about you

Understanding that preparation is everything

Increased passion for presentations

Greater understanding of presentation skills and overcoming nerves