Why This Media Luddite LOVES Live Streaming!

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The Blog – Why This Media Luddite LOVES Live Streaming! Earlier this month (April 2017), I had the pleasure of working with Johnston Media at the Venue and PA Expo in Edinburgh. It came about after taking a call from Iain Johnston the Director of Operations of this illustrious Scottish media business who started the [...]

Guide to the Perfect Wedding Speech for Forbes of Kingennie

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Some people relish it. Other people lose sleep because of it. For some, it will be the only public speaking engagement they ever have. Yes, it’s the Wedding Speech. Picture this. You’re at a wedding as a humble guest. No responsibilities except for celebrating this happiest of days for the special couple. The service is [...]

From A Squawk To A Tweet

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7th February 2016 Two weeks ago I was diligently working in the office when the mobile rang displaying a number I didn’t recognise. “Hello” announced this rather well-to-do female voice, “this is Charlotte from Scotland on Sunday, have you got a moment as I have a rather strange request?” Now I love getting calls from [...]

Why There’s Nothing Soft About ‘Soft Skills’

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31st January 2016 Earlier this week I had the pleasure of seeing my good friend and client Dr Suzanne Zeedyk (pictured) in full-flow, delivering a lecture at the University of Dundee. Suzanne is an author, commentator, researcher and award-winning Developmental Psychologist and a passionate advocate of the science that explains our human need for connection. [...]