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Guide to the Perfect Wedding Speech for Forbes of Kingennie

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Some people relish it. Other people lose sleep because of it. For some, it will be the only public speaking engagement they ever have. Yes, it’s the Wedding Speech. Picture this. You’re at a wedding as a humble guest. No responsibilities except for celebrating this happiest of days for the special couple. The service is [...]

Internal and External Communication Masterclass for Perthshire Businesses

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Communication and Presentation Skills for Successful Business  Perthshire Chamber next Friday 10th February - 9.30am – 1pm Saltire House, 3 Whitefriars Crescent, Perth, PH2 0PA £65 for Chamber Members, £80 for non members Email events@perthshirechamber.co.uk to book your places Communication and presentation skills are at the heart of everything within an organisation. With the amount [...]

Competition Time – Sweets from an Innocent Era

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COMPETITION TIME!! TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF!! REMEMBER WHEN SWEETS HAD PERSONALITY??? Today I was writing about taking time out and losing yourself in the past as we all get caught up in the today - so please treat yourself to three minutes 'me time' and GRC will send you a big pack of [...]

One-to–One Presentation and Public Speaking Consultations

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Confident, well-delivered presentations win business, achieve career promotions and allow individuals to stand-out from the competition. However, for some people the thought of presenting, public speaking or giving a speech can be their worst nightmare. Some people simply need a little polish to their performance. Whatever you or your business require, this is a unique [...]

Made in Scotland Launches in Schools

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  Kinross High top of the class with unique project * Industry and Education combine in unique partnership * Pilot project helps shape tomorrow’s workforce * Soft skills honed as youngsters prepare for their future An exciting new project which helps prepare school leavers for the world of work is being piloted at Kinross High School. The innovative [...]

Why I’m A Semi-Business Punk!

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17th May 2016 I love reading books about real-life experiences. Whether it’s my macabre interest in criminology through to self-help paperbacks, biographies and autobiographies I love a good read. However my latest business-topic hardback took me way out of my comfort zone, but in a masochistically enjoyable way I (sort-of) enjoyed it. ‘Business for Punks’ [...]

Scott Anderson – Long-Track Speed Skating British Champion

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Scottish Long-Track Speed Skater Scott Anderson is a step closer to achieving his 2018 Olympic ambitions by becoming the British Long Track Champion in the 500, 1000 and 1500m races held in The Hague, Netherlands. The Dundee-born athlete accompanied over 35 Brits who took the journey to compete in the second ever British championships. Prior [...]

Why What It DOESN’T Say On Your Curriculum Vitae That’s Important!

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In my training sessions and lectures I could be accused of over-using the words ‘passion’ and ‘focus’ – and I care not a jot! I love these words because if applied to life, you’re unstoppable! So why is it when I use these phrases that every now and again I see a raised eyebrow, a [...]

Here We Go Again…Or Do we?

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4th January 2016   I do it every year. With the sound of Elton John’s ‘Step Into Christmas’ fading away, the Christmas cupboard housing the remaining dregs of the Quality Street treats that no-one else wanted (usually those round toffee things in the gold wrappers) and the shelf in the loo groaning under the strain [...]